SuperManager Adds Support for QuickBooks Online

There are arguments to be made for using QuickBooks desktop version or QuickBooks Online. Some users who have been using QuickBooks since the early 1990’s may be uncomfortable switching to QuickBooks Online. Others who are eager to have easy access to QuickBooks from anywhere, including on phones and tablets may be eager to switch. While there are some features that are not yet supported by the online version of QuickBooks, interfacing with your Yahoo!/Aabaco Store and Yahoo!/Aabaco Merchant Solutions, Amazon, Shopify, ShopSite, BigCommerce, Magento, Volusion, or other online store isn’t one of them. SuperWare is proud to announce that SuperManager now will export your online store orders to QuickBooks Online.

Similar to how SuperManager has exported to QuickBooks desktop version for almost 14 years, you can now import your orders automatically from your online store, the select the orders you want to upload to QuickBooks Online and export them. Orders can be exported as invoices, sales receipts or estimates. If desired, items can be created automatically as either inventoried or non-inventoried items. SuperManager offers a lot of options so you can choose how you want your orders to appear in QuickBooks Online.

If you already SuperManager, just choose “Help”, “Check for Updates” to update to the new release. If you don’t already have SuperManager, request your free 30-day, no strings attached trial here.

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