Customer Service Tip – add the personal touch!

In today’s WWW, we have changed from dealing with people and faces to dealing with email addresses and dot-coms. Adding a personal touch can go a long way in the not-so-personal WWW. For online retailers, this is even more important and valuable to give you an opportunity to set yourself apart from other store owners. Be creative and think about ways how you can add a personal touch to your experience with your customers. All the way from the first view they have on your website until the end of time. You will be surprised at the responses you receive from customers who appreciate the extra care.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking…

  1. Add a personal handwritten note to every package that you ship out. A personal note on the invoice or in the package will surprise any customer and will get them talking about their experience with you and your store to their friends!
  2. Be creative and personal with your website content. Write custom descriptions of your products and include some humor as appropriate, personal comments, or customer feedback comments about the product
  3. Call your customers from time to time!!!! Give ’em a call now and then to find out what they like about your store. Find out what could be improved and ask them what products you might be missing. Customers can give you a fresh look and new ideas that you haven’t thought of.

Be sure to ask other store employees, family and friends about ways that you could add a personal touch to your customers’ experience with your store.

Best of luck!

Mike Griggs
Yahoo! Store Owner and Developer

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