SuperManager Updated to Take Advantage of Yahoo API Improvements

Yahoo created an API for accessing store data several years ago. However, certain limitations made it unusable for many SuperManager users until just this past week. We’ve been contacting Yahoo asking for some enhancements to their API and they delivered for you!

Yahoo’s API (Application Programming Interface) allows 3rd party applications like SuperManager make requests and receive responses using simple messages passed back and forth between SuperManager and Yahoo’s servers. The addition of this feature understandably caused a bit of excitement because it promised to allow faster and more robust integration. However, until recently the order data returned by the API failed to send the credit card authorizations and transactions already completed on orders. Since many Yahoo Store owners have Yahoo authorize credit cards and then only charge orders as part of processing the order they need to know whether the authorization was successful and what AVS and CVV response were returned. This was not possible until Yahoo released an update for their API this week.

We’ve already updated SuperManager. As of version, SuperManager can download order data, including the card authorizations and transactions already transacted for the order. If you haven’t already done so, use the “Help”, “Check for Updates” feature to update to the latest release. To switch over to the API, follow these steps:

  • Log into your Yahoo Store manager
  • Click the “Real-Time Links” link, located in the Order Settings column.
  • Click the “API Settings” link.
  • In the API Settings section, click the “Add New Partner” button.
  • Enter the “ypa-005316243904” as the Partner ID
  • Check the Orders API and the Payments API, then click “Next“
  • Accept the Terms of Service.
  • Once the partner ID has been added, a partner access token will be generated and sent via email to the user whose partner ID has been added.
  • In SuperManager go to “View”, “Store Settings”.
  • Change the store type for your Yahoo stores to “Yahoo API”
  • Enter the token in the supplied setting box that was sent to you in the email discussed above.

Once migrating over to use the API you don’t have to do anything different. Just continue to use SuperManager the way you did before. You should, however, notice that SuperManager will download orders, update tracking numbers and charge orders faster than before. SuperManager still needs to do certain tasks using conventional methods, however, these tasks should be much faster.

We hope you enjoy faster interactions with Yahoo Store!

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