SuperManager Improves Support for

SuperManager has always had the ability to export shipment data to using its highly customizable text export engine. However, with release, SuperManager adds the ability to use XML to interchange data with This new integration allows you to:

  • Map your shopping carts’ shipping methods to FedEx shipping services
  • Map your SuperManager package types to package types
  • Enter weights for each of your products and allow SuperManager to calculate the total shipment weight, use your electronic scale to capture the weight or enter the weight manually
  • You can even separate orders into multiple shipments and print labels for all shipments at once or one at a time

Then select the orders to print shipping labels for and choose to send them to Then, in the desktop application, switch to the “Batch Print” menu and press the button to refresh the available data. Choose which shipments are ready and print and press the button to print them. The label(s) will print and the tracking numbers will be added to the orders in SuperManager. For many shopping carts, these tracking numbers can then be automatically uploaded back to your shopping cart. For all others, you can have SuperManager send an email with a tracking link to your customers.

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