SuperManager Allows Highly Flexible, Highly Configurable Export of Online Store Orders to QuickBooks

One of SuperManager’s key aims is to allow the user a high amount of flexibility and configurability when exporting your Aabaco, Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce and other online store orders to QuickBooks. The release of version steps that up a bit.

SuperManager allows you to have more than one store/sales channel stored in the same database file. You can now add custom fields associated with each store in the file and then access those custom fields for SuperManager to use as your line item class, transaction class, account names (such as deposit-to account, accounts receivable account, COGS account, etc…) or standard item names (such as shipping, taxes, discounts, etc…). This allows you to export all orders for the stores/sales channels you having using one set of export settings, but with specificity for each of those channels so you can have reporting in QuickBooks separated out for each of those channels. If there is something you are not certain how to do or something else you would like to see, let us know!

If you don’t already own SuperManager, you can request a free trial here.

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