SuperManager Adds the Ability to Automatically Export New Orders in Text Files

SuperWare is happy to announce that with the release of version you can now set up one or more text exports to be automatically exported for all new orders. This feature is helpful for streamlining interactions with other software. For example, you could set up a text export that sends orders to shipping, inventory or accounting software. This is added to loads of other automation and integration features such as:

  • XML exchange with Dazzle (for printing USPS postage),, UPS WorldShip and FedEx Web Services
  • XML exchange with QuickBooks
  • XML exchange with MaxMind and Subuno
  • Free form text export functions
  • Automated FTP of text and XML files to an FTP server

And many more…

To use the new automated text export, just go to “View”, “Program Settings” and select the “Export Formats” tab. Choose the text file format you want exported for new orders, or create a new one. Then check the “Export for new orders” option. You can also choose the “Remember file path” option so that it will save the file in the same place every time.

We hope this new feature helps you automate even more of your order processing tasks!

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