SuperManager Adds Support for Printing Amazon Postage

SuperManager has long supported downloading Amazon orders and allowing store owners to email customers, print reports, print shipping labels, mark orders fulfilled, export them to QuickBooks and perform many other order processing functions. With version store owners can now print Amazon shipping labels. This allows store owners to take advantage of Amazon preferred pricing and directly have orders marked as fulfilled when the labels are printed.

All store owners need to do is click “Get New Orders” to pull them into SuperManager, then select the ones that are ready for shipment, right click and choose “XML Exchange”, “Amazon Shipments”. SuperManager takes care of the rest.

If you already SuperManager, just choose “Help”, “Check for Updates” to update to the new release. If you don’t already have SuperManager, request your free 30-day, no strings attached trial here.

Start printing your Amazon shipping labels through SuperManager today and save time and money!

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