SuperManager Adds Support for Amazon Seller Central Stores

Need help managing your Amazon Seller Central store? SuperManager is now able to help you! With the release of version, SuperManager adds support for automatically downloading orders from your Amazon Seller Central store. After downloading your orders, you can use SuperManager to:

  • Manage — Automatically verify addresses against USPS databases, Send dropship requests to suppliers, Check orders against inventory and highlight backorders, Highlight orders that fail your fraud screening criteria, Send emails in batch to customers using customizable templates
  • Print — Print customizable receipts, packing slips, pick lists and other reports, Print shipping labels for USPS, UPS or FedEx
  • Export — Export orders or merchant batches to QuickBooks or QuickBooks POS, Export order information for data mining or integration with other software
  • And much more…

If you don’t already have SuperManager, request your free 30-day, no strings attached trial here.

It’s easy to get started with processing your Amazon Seller Central store orders in SuperManager. Just sign up to use the Amazon Merchant Web Services API to obtain your API credentials and enter those credentials in your SuperManager store settings. Then just click the “Get New Orders” button to download your Amazon orders.

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