New Option for SuperManager Multilevel Filtering

With the release of version, SuperWare is proud to announce enhancements to SuperManager’s multilevel filtering. SuperManager has long supported the ability to use the “SuperFilter” tab of the order list to have the list include just orders that meet a specific criterion. From the very early releases of SuperManager you could use multilevel filtering to filter by one criteria, then switch the filter type, min and max and press “Go”, “From Current List” and get just the list of orders that meet both criteria. New to this release is the ability to remove orders that meet a certain criteria from the list by setting a new filter type, min and max and pressing “Go”, “Unselect”. This gives the user even more control over what orders are shown on the list at one time.

Here are some recipes for using SuperManager’s multilevel filtering:

Orders from this year not yet exported to QuickBooks
In SuperManager, choose “View”, “Orders” to switch to the orders screen. Then choose the “SuperFilter” tab from the tabs above the order list. First you will want to filter by the date, since it will quickly narrow down the number of orders SuperManager has to search for the filtering. Set the filter to “Date” and use the date picker to choose 1-Jan as the from date and 31-Dec or today’s date as the to date, then press the “Go” button. If a drop-down appears when you press “Go”, choose “From All”.

Now, switch the filter type to “QuickBooks” and choose “Not Exported” from the filter drop-down. Press “Go”, then “From Current List”. The list of orders will now be updated to include just orders that were between the two dates you set and have not yet been exported to QuickBooks.

Orders that are either open or shipped (but not charged)
Set the filter type to “Status” and choose “Open” and press “Go”. If prompted choose “From All”. Set the filter type to “Status” and choose “Shipped” and press “Go”. Choose “Also Select” when prompted. From there, you could set the filter type to “Date” and choose a set of dates to filter amongst and choose to filter “From Current List”.

Orders from this year that are not manual orders
Set the filter type to “Date” and choose the correct from and to dates and press “Go”. If prompted, choose “From All”. Set the filter type to “Type” and choose the manual order type to not display on the list and press “Go”. Choose “Unselect” when prompted.”

I hope this will get you started on how to show a list of orders you want on the order list. If you need help trying to figure out how to get a particular list, leave a comment!

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