Interacting with your Amazon Order Customers

Amazon Seller Central merchants are well aware of Amazon’s rules of engagement for interacting with their customers. Amazon restricts interaction with end customers to prevent Seller Central merchants from breaking privacy agreements and/or bypassing Amazon in future sales. This means Seller Central merchants cannot attempt to divert transactions or buyers, solicit additional sales or even use business names that have the semblance of a web address and might tip buyers off that there is an alternative for buying the product other than through Amazon.

It is possible for merchants to communicate with buyers using a masked email address Amazon assigns to each buyer. Amazon then puts the message through their filters to check for any violations of policy and if none are found, relay the message to the buyer.

Amazon made a recent change to their policy for interacting with buyers. Now merchants must include the word “[Important]”, with brackets somewhere in the subject line in order for emails to not be blocked. This supports changes in Amazon’s privacy policies where buyers can opt out of any messages other than those related to product customization, delivery schedule or issues with shipping address.

SuperManager allows Amazon Seller Central merchants to send templated emails customers at Amazon and other sales channels. SuperManager is fully compatible with the new Amazon policy update. Users simply need to update the subject line in their email templates to include [Important].

If you don’t already have SuperManager, request your free 30-day, no strings attached trial here.

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