How to add basic Google Analytics tracking code to your Yahoo! Legacy Store and Merchant Solutions Store.

Here’s the quickie tutorial on adding the basic Google Analytics tracking code to your Yahoo! Legacy or Merchant Solutions store:

  1. Instructions on how to find your profile specific Google Analytics tracking code:
  2. Copy the tracking code that you find in step 1 and paste it in the following locations:
    1. Store Webpages – You can paste the tracking code in the Head tag under your store variables or you can paste it in any other html variable that is used throughout your site.  This will install the tracking code on 99.9% of your store pages.  Be sure to publish the store pages from the store editor.
    2. Shopping Cart Page – If you installed the tracking code in the Head tag in step A above then you won’t need to do anything here.  Otherwise, you will need to paste the tracking code somewhere on the shopping cart page. Just paste in the code wherever you add other text above or below the shopping cart module.
    3. Checkout Pages – Browse to your Yahoo! Store Manager and click the “Order Form” link under the “Order Settings” section.  Scroll down and add the tracking code to the “Message” text box under the “Shipping Info”, “Billing Info” and “Order Confirmation” sections. Be sure not to overwrite any other text you might already have in these text boxes! Simply click in the message text box and add the tracking code in front or after the text already in the message text box.  Next, click “Done” and then be sure to click the “Publish Order Settings” link after you edit the Order Form fields.

Once you start sending traffic information to Google Analytics you can start doing some analysis to see where your customers are coming from, what they are looking at, and where they are going.

Be sure to check out the tutorial on how to setup Goal and Funnel tracking!

Good luck!

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