Customizing the QuickBooks Icon Bar

I don’t know about you, but for me, the less time I spend updating the books of my business, the better. Every little key stroke saved is a keystroke I can spend trying to make my products better or getting increased exposure to potential customers. One thing I have found helpful at doing that, is to customize the buttons on my QuickBooks icon bar to include the features I use most often when updating my books. Once you know how to do it, it is actually quite easy and you may want to change it over time as you realize what QuickBooks functions you most often find yourself digging through the menus to find.

To customize the QuickBooks icon bar, simply right click anywhere on the icon bar and choose “Customize Icon Bar….”  This will bring up a dialog that has a list of all the current icons on the toolbar.  You can select these icons and move them up or down to rearrange them by clicking on the dot to the right of each item and then dragging it up or down the list. Click the “Add” button to add a function not currently on the icon bar or the “Add Separator” button to add a faint vertical line below the selected icon. Click “Edit…” to change the title, tooltip or icon associated with the function or click “Delete” to delete that function from the toolbar. The icon bar will update real-time so you can play with it and get it to look just how you want it to.

If you ever create a new QuickBooks file, you will find that QuickBooks creates a standard icon bar for each new file and the icon bar settings are saved with each file. Any customization you do to the icon bar in the current file will not affect the icon bar in other files. This can be a good or a bad thing.  In some cases, you may use invoices in one QuickBooks file and receipts in another. The way QuickBooks does this allows you to put receipts on the icon bar of one file and invoices on the icon bar of the other. However, it does mean that if you want exactly the same icon bar for all your files you’ll have to customize each one. At least it is fairly easy to do.

So go invest the time to save those button clicks!

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