Changing Mail Exchange (MX) Records in Yahoo! Legacy Store to use external e-mail hosting

Sometimes Yahoo!’s email system can be a bit frustrating with time-outs, rejected emails and false positive spam blocks, so some Yahoo! store owners choose to manage their email outside of Yahoo!.  This is straigtforward for Merchant Solutions store owners but not as clear for Legacy stores.

Follow the instructions below to specify an external Mail Exchange (MX) record for your Yahoo! Legacy store (I did this on one of my stores and it took about an hour to start receiving mail..)

  1. Log into your Yahoo! store manager and click the “Email” link under “Site Settings”.
  2. Next, delete all of your email aliases and forwarding email addresses and then you will see some new information about setting up email with a link that says “Install MX Records”.
  3. Click the “Install MX Records” link.
  4. Enter the Mail Exchange (MX) record in the text box provided and click “Done”.  Yahoo! only allows for 1 Mail Exchange (MX) record to be entered for Legacy Stores but this should be sufficient in most cases.

If you have any questions or comments about this nugget of information then feel free to drop me an email at

Mike Griggs
Yahoo! Store Owner and Developer

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